Signs You Need A Financial Adviser

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Most people recognise the necessity of financial planning for costly prearranged events in their life, for example buying a new car, taking a vacation or planning a wedding. However, the reality is life experiences can’t always be forecasted. Our days are made up from a combination of expected and unexpected events, which is why it is wise to be financially prepared for no matter what life throws at you.

When it comes to managing your finances, often delaying reaching out to a professional for advice and guidance will only postpone or damage your ultimate goals.

Here are a few signs it could be time for you to contact a financial adviser:

You are unsure of how much you pay for your investments

Are you keeping track of how much money you are making, or how much you are actually pocketing? If you haven’t analysed your cashflow precisely, you may be misled into how much money you are truly banking each month. Investment fees come in many forms, such as management and administration costs, but it could be the ‘hidden’ fees that are damaging your pocket. Custodial fees, transition fees and inactivity fees are common bills people tend to forget about when calculating their rate of return. A good financial adviser will assist you to recognise and understand your expenses, and support you in developing the best processes to manage them.

You’ve inherited a large sum

If you have recently suffered the unfortunate loss of a loved one and you are the beneficiary of the deceased, you may be uncertain of the best way to manage or invest your money. Furthermore, due to the emotional scope of the situation, it can be difficult to identify whom to trust with your estate settlement. Obtaining advice from a financial adviser who is professional, understanding and reliable is essential for giving you the guidance and confidence you need to make the best choices with your finances.

You don’t know how much money you are saving

You may be coping with your monthly bills and even managing to put some money away into your savings account at the end of the month. But even if you feel financially stable in your current situation, are you prepared for the long-term future and your retirement?

A good financial adviser will help you with all the planning involved in securing your financial future. They will identify what processes need to be put in place, how to achieve your goals, where to start, and offer advice for your ability to buy or sell.

You have not set up a plan in case of injury, or even death

As previously mentioned, life can throw us unexpected life events. Say you fall and break a leg which consequentially prevents you from working, are you financially prepared?

It’s important to ensure the right policies, inheritance plans, wills and trusts are in place for unpredicted and sudden circumstances. Your financial adviser should guide you in the right direction with each of these plans to keep you and your family financially secure, no matter the situation.

You’re starting a family

The most exciting times in your life can also be the most uncertain. So if you’re welcoming a new addition to the family, you may be concerned about the added expenses, tuition and health fees to plan for, property upsizing and perhaps transforming from two supporting salaries to one. It’s a good idea to reach out to a trusted and professional adviser who will direct your family towards the best financial situation you can possibly be in. Getting in touch with a professional now can save a lot of misfortune later on.

Positive Dynamics endeavor to support their clients by providing them with understanding, trusted, professional financial advisers to help them secure a healthy financial future. If you would like to speak to one of our professional and friendly financial advisors, please contact us on 1300 784 084.

Dane Jansen
Dane is a Managing Partner/Responsible Manager at Positive Dynamics. He embraces his leadership skills to provide guidance to his clients giving them the confidence and conviction to achieve financial success.
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