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From humble beginnings, Positive Dynamics was founded in May 2006. At only 24 years of age, and from their home Dane and Vanessa Jansen established a business which would evolve into Positive Dynamics; a name now known to many across Australia.


At age 18 Vanessa purchased her own investment property.  This was prior to the early 2000 property boom.  Vanessa was always focused on building wealth and turned this Queenslander Property into a rental treasure.  Thinking outside of the box, Vanessa created 6 bedrooms and rented this as a share house; spending her time between work, university, and renovating each room which created an income that supported her university study.  This was only the beginning of her wealth accumulation journey.


Like Vanessa, Dane had begun his wealth journey at a young age, purchasing shares and taking a keen interest in investment markets.  Dane also adjusted his and Vanessa’s superannuation investment selection, consolidating superannuation accounts and investing into assets with the greatest opportunity for long term accelerated growth.  


There was no surprise that when Dane and Vanessa came together, they were in a great position to teach others key strategies to help build quality long term wealth.  From the beginning, Positive Dynamics was established to help guide Australians to make great financial decisions.


“Their knowledge of the financial opportunities available opened my eyes to new ways of making money.”

Professional Cricketer &
State Manager of Casella Family Brands

Positive Dynamics quickly developed a reputation for helping people reach their goals and dreams. Leading by example Dane and Vanessa quickly expanded their business. By 2007 they had purchased a commercial office and began building a dynamic team to ensure all client requests were handled with the utmost importance, ensuring simplicity for their clients. 


With their leadership qualities Dane and Vanessa began mentoring university graduates.  Vanessa and Dane recognised that the Financial Planning industry, at the time, was lacking a pathway for advisers to pair their education with real world training.  Keeping to their vision and their art of guiding people to success, Vanessa and Dane have successfully mentored many university graduates into advice roles throughout Australia.  Four of which have gone on to commence their own business.  Two have been carefully selected for their unique skills and continue their growth and career within Positive Dynamics.  This has been a great reflection of their leadership and mentorship skills.


Positive Dynamics has always maintained a strong ‘client first’ performance culture whilst providing quality advice.  This is something that ASIC identified that was missing in many financial planner firms and gives Positive Dynamics a keen competitive advantage, leading to further business recognition and growth.


By 2015 Positive Dynamics had grown in both size and expertise.  This enabled Positive Dynamics to implement its vision, ‘to become a self-licenced firm’, stepping away from the influence of large institutions.  Positive Dynamics yearned to offer its own professional and trustworthy, strategic advice to more Australian’s, helping them create greater wealth, security, and trust in their financial future.  Part of this vision was to have an office premise that stood out and was visible to the local community and holiday makers that come and go; greater exposure would increase the ability to help more people.  It would also be a space that makes people feel at ease and able to share their story, goals and aspirations.


In January 2021 following years of savings, Dane and Vanessa purchased a multi-million-dollar property located on Marina Parade, Southport.  Leading by example, they were able to create multiple income streams.  The property has significantly increased in value, with a strong income yield.  This is something you will always find with Positive Dynamics, they invest in property and shares, they set goals and regularly monitor their progress, and they have achieved life changing results.  Positive Dynamics is passionate about guiding our clients to achieve ‘life changing results’ having walked the path that they recommend.  We aim to remove one of the most difficult aspects of obtaining financial advice – knowing who to trust.


The next steps for Positive Dynamics are to build on our exceptional team which will enable us to reach more people across the country.  We intend on continuing to direct our personal savings toward great investment opportunity in both shares and property, while mentoring our clients to do the same.


“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.”  Let us mentor you…

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