Feeling More Financially Secure When Starting A Family

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October 16, 2018
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Financially Secure

Thinking about starting a family or already have a new member on the way? Well, I have one question for you.

Do you have all of your finances in order for when the baby arrives?

Our team at Positive Dynamics have years of experience working with clients who are getting ready to start families of their own. If you haven’t thought about it yet or have only just started to look into your options, now is the time to get it sorted!


Where To Start

Speak to us! There is no better time than the present and now is a great time to check in with your advisor. From here, if you haven’t started or already have a few items in place, your financial advisor will be able to make changes accordingly.

Planning is always important, especially when it comes to starting your family, by speaking with one of our advisors, you can have peace of mind for when two becomes three.

How We Can Help

As a first time parent, it’s common to be unsure about what to expect when your new little one arrives. With the help from a financial planner, we can help you to feel a little more secure about you and your baby’s future. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and, as a result, we create a plan that caters to your family’s individual requirements.

We work alongside you to ensure that you leave more confident with your future financial situation.

What To Do

If you don’t currently have any plans in place we recommend speaking with an advisor. As an important aspect, it SHOULD be a part of your family planning process. By doing so, you are able to receive in-depth information that is backed by years of experience working with new families just like yours.

Be able to tick one more item off your list by having your financial situation taken care of so you can focus on your new arrival.


So, what’s stopping you from talking to a financial advisor today?

Absolutely nothing!
If you’re looking for more information about how you can plan to be more financially secure for when you’re starting a family, contact our team for professional advice on  1300 784 084.

Dane Jansen
Dane is a Managing Partner/Responsible Manager at Positive Dynamics. He embraces his leadership skills to provide guidance to his clients giving them the confidence and conviction to achieve financial success.
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